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Top Depression Doctor in Meerut

Dr. Kashika Jain

What is Depression?

  • Depression is a disorder of mood fluctuation that causes a continuous feeling of heartbreaking, regretful, depressed and loss of interest.
  • It affects how a person feels, behaves, react and thinks that can control a variety of emotional and physical problems. In Phase of depression, an individual may feel that he is alone in the world and life is not worth living.
  • In Terms of biological science: the depression is nothing but the shutting down of release of two hormones dopamine and serotonin which is responsible for the feeling of pleasure well being.
  • Dr Kashika Jain is Depression Doctor in Meerut

Basic Sign and Symptoms of depression

According to most of the psychologist and research, this has been proved that depression comes once in a lifetime but in exceptional cases, it may occur multiple time which includes below-mentioned symptoms

  • Continuous low mood and sadness
  • Loss of interest in all normal daily routine activities.
  • Having low self-esteem.
  • Sleep disorder like sleeping too much.
  • Small tasks take extra effort due to lack of energy .
  • Feeling anxious and worried.
  • Constipations.

Types of Depression

Different kind of depression affects different people differently, everybody has their own symptoms and signs based on personality and type of depression. You may also have those symptoms which are listed here without having depression, but if they start bothering you in your daily life, that means you need to consult some good psychiatrist.

There are many types of depression listed below:
  • Major depression
  • Persistent depression
  • Manic depression, or bipolar disorder
  • Depressive psychosis
  • Prenatal depression
  • Seasonal depression
  • Situational depression


Life with depression is not easy, but good treatment can help and cure your depression. Consulting a good psychologist is a good idea. If you want to cure your depression soon you need to combine therapy and lifestyle changes.

Some of the basic treatment we have listed below:
  • Counselling
  • Psychotherapy
  • Light therapy
  • Meditation

Why choose Dr. Kashika Jain as Best Depression Doctor in Meerut?

  • Dr. Kashika Jain uses cognitive-behavioural and interpersonal theory approaches. These styles of therapy have been thoroughly researched and proven to be effective. They are solution-focused, Psychologist, Therapist and Counsellor and provides psychological treatment for depression, anxiety, relationship solution, child counselling, insomnia, Dementia, mania, husband-wife relationship, child bonding, phobia, autism, addiction, stress, OCD, bipolar disorder, Adhd, Schizophrenia, anger, attention deficit disorder, add, carrier counselling, weight loss therapy, and other psychological therapies.
  • Dr. Kashika Jain is CEO and founder of Woderful You, Psycho solution clinic. She is a licensed psychologist with over ten years of experience.
  • Her non-judgmental approach to therapy includes cognitive-behavioural, life-coaching and interpersonal theory techniques.
  • Dr. Kashika Jain uses an interactive style in exploring the relationship and behaviour patterns to help people become their best selves.
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"When i met her it was the best day of my life. All the credit of my happiness i want to give it to her. Today i am all the right and happy in my life because of her treatment."

Sakshi Sharma (Name Changed Due To Confidentiality)

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