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Psychologist Doctor in Meerut

Top Psychologist in Meerut

Dr. Kashika Jain

Role of Psychologist in Meerut

  • Psychologist assesses mental processes, behaviour pattern, the emotional trauma of people, and evaluates how they relate to one another and the surroundings.
  • They provide treatment in terms of counselling & therapy.
  • Dr Kashika Jain is the Best Psychologist Doctor in Meerut.
  • She works independently, directly connects her with clients as well as she works in collaboration with school, college and social workers and also she does various seminars, workshops in Meerut for the awareness of mental health.

The need for Psychologist Meerut

  • Nowadays, lots of people face psychological issues like depression, anxiety, anger, stress, panic attacks, career pressure, and relationship issues.
  • At some time point of life, we need someone to share our personal and professional matters. We expect some genuine advice from whosoever we are discussing
  • Psychologists are someone who is an expert to give the best information to people who need it. They address common issues which are related to everyone's life.
  • We should discuss our problems; otherwise, they turned into crises without realization.

Main Reasons for Psychological Problems

For relationship building
  • Relationships are an integral part of life everyone's life. Due to a little misunderstanding, we lost relations. It doesn't what sort of relationship.
  • Every relationship has its importance, and a single can change or help in building a relationship.
  • No one can solve the issue better than a psychologist.
To building self-confidence
  • Lack of self-confidence leads to a various psychological problem like anger, loss of self-esteem, anxiety etc. It creates obstacles between your successes.
  • If you have confidence, you have faith you always become the flashlight of most of the event. It also helps in the achievement of goals.
For communication improvement
  • Communication is the process of talking to one another. If you are clear about your words and message (means what you want to convey), it reduces the chances of misunderstanding.
  • Communication is something which you need every moment of life.

Achievement of Goals

  • Everyone wants to succeed in life and to succeed; you need someone to motivate you every difficult phase of life.
  • Career, relations, anger management all are achievements.
  • Failure is something from which we need to fight and always stand ahead of it.
  • Through her success mantra, Dr Kashika Jain motivates and make successful to the people.

Treatment Methodology of Psychologist Doctor

  • Dr Kashika Jain treatment includes various kinds of counselling and therapies. The best thing about her treatment is that she doesn't prescribe any medicine.
  • She believes all the psychological problems arise due to the thought process and to change thought process medicine doesn't work out.

Different Types of Therapies and Counselling as follows

  • Individual Counselling
  • Family Counselling
  • Psychotherapy
  • Colour Therapy
  • Mud therapy
  • Chakra therapy

Best Psychologist in Meerut-Dr Kashika Jain

  • She is a Psychologist, Counsellor & Life Coach.
  • She is very famous on YouTube, also where people follow her through her videos and solve their psychological problems.
  • She is author of the bestselling book on psychological problem named "Dear Depression Let's Break-up".
  • It is a self-help book which solves all the psychological issues, and this book is also available on Amazon.
  • For any Psychological problem call +91-7017088338


"When i met her it was the best day of my life. All the credit of my happiness i want to give it to her. Today i am all the right and happy in my life because of her treatment."

Sakshi Sharma (Name Changed Due To Confidentiality)

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